Many of Many by Mona Ibrahim


Mona Ibrahim – Stereo.Type Typographic Jewellery

An unusual jewellery collaboration between New York based graphic designer Ebon Heath and Dubai based jewellery designer Mona Ibrahim has brought this artistic typographic jewellery to life. Their combined knowledge has led them to create jewellery that transcends the traditional. The collection includes earrings, bracelets and other meaningful pieces

Many of Many article

Travel with me by Mona Ibrahim

I’m insanely passionate about documenting my travel journey’s to tell exciting adventures and share the beautiful people, places and landscapes I encounter to people who aren’t able  to travel and experience life’s gems. Travel for me is also another way to get inspired and think of new ways to design, and tell a story through jewellery, allowing jewellery to become narratives as well as fashion items.

This video was shot with my camcorder. The videographer’s are usually people I meet along the way who enjoy meeting and filming random strangers.

Here, I travel throughout Brazil & Peru. The continent is so diverse of mixed ethnicity, making the country rich in culture and colourful. Join me as I dance at the Rio Carnival, meet inspiring creative souls, trek in Peru and finally meet the majestic Machu Picchu.

Mona tips for Travelling: Be humble, be open and get out of your comfort zones.