A Journey Into Jewellery

Mona Ibrahim’s jewellery are a theatrical medley of inspiration, curiosity and a determined character to live her life to the limit and capture it in her work.

A self-taught designer that started in the back alley of Essaouira in Morocco, her creations are an embodiment of her biographical journey travelling and living around the world, coupled with a primal urge to discover more about the world’s landscapes, people, nomadic tribes and cultures which drew her to places such as North & South Africa, Spain, New York, Brazil, Sicily, and Dubai and back home to Australia.

Her bold and innovative designs redefine jewellery as wearable art. She pushes boundaries by pioneering different parts of the body to embellish, as her designs sweep lithely across collarbones, along napes of necks, and down wearer’s backs. Her collections are fashioned from materials such as silk, leathers, fossils, semi-precious stones and ancient coins, measuring tapes, handmade flowers to key chains, decorating human canvasses with their multi-layered collages or sleek, minimal motifs. Each of the ‘Moroccan’, ‘Mesh’, ‘Asian Mythology’ and ‘Kite String Untangled’ earring collection are uniquely distinct, yet each retains the essence of her signature style.

Photo by Ukachi

Photo by Ukachi

Her designs stand as a testimony to her gift for incorporating items that transcend the traditional way we perceive them, beautifying and offering new life to elements such as measuring tapes, key chain hooks and recycled belts.

Her work has received widespread media acclaim and commercial success. Retailers such as Harvey Nichols and bespoke fashion boutiques have displayed her work, cast members of Cirque Du Soleil have flaunted her designs and her pieces have been regularly featured in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Ooh La La, L’Officiel, Grazia and UAE TV shows.

Ibrahim extends her passion by collaborating with Typographic NY based artist Ebon Heath, creating a ‘Stereotype’ ornamental collection that combines knowledge of graphic design and accessories of sculpted letters in different languages in the form of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that display a universal language.

Her creations are for people that want to adorn themselves with jewellery that’s not part of mainstream fashion. Ibrahim does not follow trends or seasonal colours, she follows her heart, ever -flowing in a passionate desire to re-invent and re-translate.

Copy by Eva Akyol